Bankers & Financial Services

In today’s deregulated banking environment, outside accounting services are more important than ever before. MDA has been serving community banks since the firm was founded, with clients throughout Alabama and in Georgia. We provide a wide range of accounting services including independent audits.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is encouraging banks to obtain independent external audits. The FDIC believes a strong internal auditing program combined with an annual external audit will strengthen the bank and substantially reduce the risk that potentially serious internal problems will go undetected.

When MDA conducts an audit, we evaluate the bank’s internal controls and do an operational analysis. In addition to audits, we perform procedures, reviews and bank directors’ examinations. Our professional staff includes financial institution specialists who are knowledgable in all areas of banking. We can help assure that the bank complies with all state and federal banking regulations and regulatory requirements.

MDA can assist your bank in a number of other areas, including:

  • Tax preparation and consulting
  • Implementation of employee benefits plans, such as ESOPs and other qualified retirement plans
  • Data processing audits and installation