Employee Benefit Planning

As a firm of experienced CPAs and business advisors, we know the value of a well-conceived employee benefit/deferred compensation plan. We also know how complicated selecting and designing a program can be, especially during the critical process of matching your needs with those of your employees. By utilizing our expertise from the beginning, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls. We simplify and expedite the process to see that you have the perfect plan to meet your needs.

As an executive, you know that one of management’s chief responsibilities centers on attracting and satisfying talented and dedicated employees. A responsive employee benefit/deferred compensation plan can do much to achieve these objectives. We can help you wade through the options and design or reconstruct your company’s employee benefit programs to be mutually advantageous.

As a full service CPA firm with proven experience in the compensation and benefit programs area, we have the resources available to assist you in these critical areas. And, here’s how:

Plan Design and Implementation

Designing an employee benefits/deferred compensation program can often be a complicated task. Initially, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to define your company’s goals. During this process, you’ll receive valuable information to aid in examining your options and developing employee benefit/deferred compensation programs which will be appropriate for your employees. More importantly, you’ll have assurance that all government regulatory agency mandates will be addressed.

Services in This Area

  • Feasibility studies for new and existing retirement plans
  • Assistance in drafting plan documents and amendments
  • Analysis of total employee compensation packages
  • Consultation on fringe benefits – life insurance, medical benefits, disability, cafeteria plans, company cars
  • Review of benefit plan insurance policies
  • Benefit orientation sessions for employees

Knowing the alternatives and presenting them to you is our job. We have the knowledge and experience to target your options and customize them to your needs-from Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and non-qualified executive compensation plans to simple profit-sharing plans.

Plan administration

Once you’ve designed and implemented your plan, you need to know the plan is being administered effectively. You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Ongoing analysis to ensure your plan complies with the changing laws and maintains its qualified (tax-advantage) status
  • Trust accounting, including asset valuation
  • Preparation of reports to participants
  • Preparation of forms for terminated participants
  • Ongoing analysis to ensure the employer’s goals and the employee’s needs are being met
  • Should your plan be audited by the IRS, Department of Labor or the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, we are well qualified and have ample experience to represent you before any of these agencies

Current tax revisions

Our professionals spend countless hours following the tax law and analyzing its impact on employee benefit/deferred compensation plans. We’ll focus this expertise and our years of business experience on your company to help minimize problems. The ballgame is constantly changing-adding us to your management team will improve the odds and help you achieve your goals.