Local Government Units

As a CPA firm experienced in serving state and local units of government, we are very aware of the financial and legal compliance requirements that governmental officials are faced with daily.

We bring valuable experience to bear in helping our governmental clients meet the complexities of satisfying their financial and legal obligations. Our highly qualified professionals concentrate on the kind of accounting, auditing, and management advisory services required by government entities.

Financial Audits

In performing financial audits, we go beyond the traditional approach, concentrating our efforts on those areas most important to your particular unit of government to assess performance, evaluate results, and develop recommendations for improvement to your financial management system. At the same time, we’re always alert for opportunities to improve operational efficiency and accountability.

In connection with single audits performed in accordance with OMB Circular A-128, we perform various audit procedures to verify compliance with laws and regulations applicable to community development block grants, Farmers Home Administration Grants and Loans, HUD Public Housing Authorities, DOL Job Training Partnership Act, Health and Human Services Programs, Department of Education and numerous other Federal and State funded programs.

These audits are designed not only to comply with all applicable Federal and State guidelines but also to meet your needs.

Management Services

Our Governmental Specialty Group provides a number of services to complement your financial and compliance audit:

  • Budget preparation
  • Tax rate computation
  • Levy limit planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Projections
  • Long-term capital budgets
  • Tax incremental financing
  • Investment programs
  • Accounting system design and review
  • Analysis of financial alternatives
  • Fixed asset reporting
  • Design of computer-based information systems
  • Assistance with submissions to the CFOA’s Certificate Achievement Program

Services to Schools

Along with the basic financial and compliance audits, we provide school districts with many of the advisory services listed above.

Services & Utilities

Our accountants evaluate the financial condition and cash flow needs of a utility client, assist with financing for major construction projects, prepare forecasts and budgets, and determine allocations for joint operating costs. We also assist in the preparation of annual reports for compliance purposes.

Our staff has experience with utility rates, including revenue requirements, rates of return, costs of capital, costs of service studies and rate designs.

Operational Audits

An operational audit goes beyond a financial and compliance audit. We look at your overall operation as it relates to your management system. We evaluate current systems and procedures, followed by recommendations for increasing efficiency. We then determine where changes in control may be needed and propose ways to implement it effectively.

Data Processing

To further meet the needs of our governmental sector clients, we can perform Electronic Data Processing (EDP) audits, computer consultation and related advisory services. These services include information studies to identify which method of computer processing will meet your objectives and priorities and evaluation of software and hardware and implementation.

We stay on top of changes and advancement in technology and management techniques so we can help you be successful.