The survival of a not-for-profit organization depends on finding just the right financial funding and human resources. Individuals are needed who are able to provide superior information and guidance on the best, most efficient ways to account for the business. We can help you with:

Setting Goals and Objectives

Our experience demonstrates that the most successful organizations have set goals and established long-range plans. We can assist you in setting your goals and reaching your objectives by asking the right questions.

Budgeting and Financial Reporting

Once your goals and objectives have been established, we can then assist you in the preparation of a budget. In addition to providing a basis for the goal-setting and planning process, budgets are commonly used to monitor activities and highlight deviations from planned operations.

The financial reports of your not-for-profit organization merit special attention because they often determine the amount of funds your organization will receive. Since funding agencies receive many grant applications each year, a well-prepared financial statement will greatly enhance your chances of receiving funds. Our experience shows that all too often this critical function ends up receiving little attention. We can assist you in the preparation of these statements and optimize your organization’s opportunity to receive more funds.

Evaluating Internal Controls

While elaborate internal controls are sometimes impractical due to the size of an organization, certain critical procedures should always be followed. We can recommend controls that will help safeguard assets, produce accurate reports and improve administrative effectiveness.

Assisting Your Board

Your Board of Directors and staff must work together to achieve the worthwhile goals of the organization. We are often called upon to present financial information, interpret the data and help evaluate your performance.

Traditional Services

We can also assist you in the following areas:

  • Annual information returns
  • Local, state and federal filing requirements
  • Application and preservation of tax exempt status
  • Management training
  • Tax planning for non-exempt income
  • Grant tracking
  • Computer hardware and software selection/training
  • Fund-raising consultations
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Accounting system design
  • Employee benefits planning
  • Cash flow management

We stay on top of changes in the not-for-profit sector to help you prepare for growth and prosperity in the future. We have much to offer and look forward to the opportunity to assist your organization.