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  • Information Technology

No matter what type of services you choose, you will find that our firm’s philosophy of providing the best professional services available is unsurpassed. Therefore, we believe that we are the premier firm in the state in providing quality professional services to our clients.

Employee Benefit Planning

As a firm of experienced CPAs and business advisors, we know the value of a well-conceived employee benefit/deferred compensation plan. We also know how complicated selecting and designing a program can be, especially during the critical process of matching your needs with those of your employees. By utilizing our expertise from the beginning, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls. We simplify and expedite the process to see that you have the perfect plan to meet your needs.

As an executive, you know that one of management’s chief responsibilities centers on attracting and satisfying talented and dedicated employees. A responsive employee benefit/deferred compensation plan can do much to achieve these objectives. We can help you wade through the options and design or reconstruct your company’s employee benefit programs to be mutually advantageous.

As a full service CPA firm with proven experience in the compensation and benefit programs area, we have the resources available to assist you in these critical areas. And, here’s how:

Plan Design and Implementation

Designing an employee benefits/deferred compensation program can often be a complicated task. Initially, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to define your company’s goals. During this process, you’ll receive valuable information to aid in examining your options and developing employee benefit/deferred compensation programs which will be appropriate for your employees. More importantly, you’ll have assurance that all government regulatory agency mandates will be addressed.

Services in This Area

  • Feasibility studies for new and existing retirement plans
  • Assistance in drafting plan documents and amendments
  • Analysis of total employee compensation packages
  • Consultation on fringe benefits – life insurance, medical benefits, disability, cafeteria plans, company cars
  • Review of benefit plan insurance policies
  • Benefit orientation sessions for employees

Knowing the alternatives and presenting them to you is our job. We have the knowledge and experience to target your options and customize them to your needs-from Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and non-qualified executive compensation plans to simple profit-sharing plans.

Plan administration

Once you’ve designed and implemented your plan, you need to know the plan is being administered effectively. You’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Ongoing analysis to ensure your plan complies with the changing laws and maintains its qualified (tax-advantage) status
  • Trust accounting, including asset valuation
  • Preparation of reports to participants
  • Preparation of forms for terminated participants
  • Ongoing analysis to ensure the employer’s goals and the employee’s needs are being met
  • Should your plan be audited by the IRS, Department of Labor or the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, we are well qualified and have ample experience to represent you before any of these agencies

Current tax revisions

Our professionals spend countless hours following the tax law and analyzing its impact on employee benefit/deferred compensation plans. We’ll focus this expertise and our years of business experience on your company to help minimize problems. The ballgame is constantly changing-adding us to your management team will improve the odds and help you achieve your goals.

Peer Review Services

Your Assurance of a High Quality CPA Firm

Do you sometimes wonder how our CPA firm measures up to the strict standards of the profession – the American Institute of CPA’s Code of Professional Ethics and its mandatory system of quality control policies and procedures for CPA firms?

It is an important point to consider, because your continued confidence in our firm should be based on more than a vague evaluation of our reputation in the business community or even the qualifications of the partners and staff who provide you with services. You should be able to rely on a more objective basis for evaluating the quality of a firm.

Division Membership

We heartily agree and have voluntarily joined the Division for CPA Firms of the American Institute of CPAs to prove it. As a member of the Division, we enthusiastically submit our practice to a comprehensive ‘quality review’ every three years. Known as a Peer Review, this process involves a specially-trained team of CPAs from other CPA firms who spend several days evaluating our system of quality control.

What is Reviewed?

In addition to reviewing our accounting and auditing policies and procedures, the team also determines, for example, that each partner and professional staff member participates in a minimum of 120 hours of continuing professional education every three years. Other areas reviewed by the team include:

  • Recruiting practices, to make sure we invite only the most qualified individuals to join our professional staff
  • Scheduling practices, to make sure that the most qualified individuals are assigned to an engagement
  • Supervision practices, to make sure that professional staff assigned to an engagement are adequately supervised, to assure efficient and effective services to our clients
  • Promotion practices, to make sure only qualified individuals are given more responsibilities for providing services to our clients

The Results

Following a thorough and objective analysis, the reviewer team issues a ‘report card’ on their findings. Every firm undergoing a peer review hopes to receive an unqualified report, synonymous with an ‘A’ for the firm’s professional practice.

We think you should know the results of our unqualified report because it confirms that your continued confidence in our firm is well-placed. We also think you should know that we are presently among only a fraction of CPA firms throughout the United States which have voluntarily chosen to put their commitment to quality to the test.

Also, more and more organizations in the public and private sectors are beginning to recognize that Division membership is a valuable barometer for evaluating a CPA firm’s competency and capabilities.

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission has stated that all CPA firms auditing publicly-traded companies should have a peer review and is considering making peer review a requirement.
  • The Rural Electrification Administration has determined that CPA firms auditing REA borrowers will be required to go through this type of peer review and that the report be available to the public.
  • The General Accounting Office is considering a similar requirement for governmental audits.
  • Over the past year, hundreds of individual bankers requested copies of peer review reports for specific CPA firms.

You are encouraged to request a copy of our most recent peer review report. It is the definitive document on our firm’s practice and reaffirms our continued commitment to excellence within the profession.

Business Valuations

The complexity of today’s business market makes it likely that an appraisal value of your business may need to be determined. A valuation establishes the worth of your business by setting values for all tangible and intangible assets, including real and personal property, debt and goodwill.

The appraisal process requires a multidimensional examination of your business and its environment. Pertinent financial, tax, economic, and industry data are analyzed and interpreted to arrive at the worth of a business.

When is an Independent Valuation Needed?

There are many and diverse reasons for a business valuation. Common circumstances include:

Mergers and acquisitions

Your company may be considering acquiring or merging with another company. In some cases, both companies may need to be valued to establish a fair exchange or payment. We can assist in determining the value of the entities involved in the transaction.

Buy-sell agreements

Buy-sell agreements are very important tools in closely-held entities. They may allow owners to transfer their interests according to a pre-agreed price or a price based upon a pre-agreed valuation method. Buy-sell agreements provide for a smooth transfer of ownership with minimal business interruptions. We can assist in determining which valuation method or price is appropriate.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

ESOPs are employer-funded employee incentive ownership arrangements. When appropriate, they can provide capital and tax advantages. ESOPs need to be valued annually to support the employer’s deduction. We can assist in these annual valuations.

Selling your business

You may desire to sell your business for retirement or other reasons. It is important that you receive top dollar for your business. Our valuation professionals can help you value your business for maximum sale price. We can also assist you in locating buyers and negotiating the sale of your interest.


Your business may need to borrow money for any number of reasons. When applying to a financial institution for a loan, it is important to know what your business is worth. We can assist you in valuing your business.

Life Insurance

In some instances, the principals of a closely-held business may not have the funds to buy one another out in the event of death. In these cases, life insurance can be a very useful resource for providing the necessary funds. Determining the adequate amount of insurance to carry on the lives of the principals requires knowledge of the value of the business.

Estate and gift tax planning

It is absolutely necessary to know the value of one’s business when planning for estate and gift tax purposes. Proper planning should provide sufficient assets to maintain your family’s lifestyle and minimize taxes. We can assist in valuing your business for this reason while working closely with our tax experts to provide you with full service estate and gift tax planning.

Litigation support

We assist attorneys in valuing businesses for:

  • Marital dissolution
  • Business losses
  • Embezzlement and fraud
  • Bankruptcy
  • Contract disputes
  • Minority interest buy-outs

When seeking an expert witness on the valuation of a business interest, you need individuals who are competent, articulate and whose valuation philosophy is clearly explained. We provide this expertise; further, we have no conflict of interest and we stand ready to defend our valuations without compromise on cross-examination.

Information Technology

Our IT division participates in both initial recommendations and in the actual installation of systems recommended. We have established relationships with computer hardware and software vendors in order to lower our costs and pass the savings on to our clients. We also provide a wide array of data processing services from in-house consulting to the selection and implementation of a new system.

Technology Services

  • Design of information systems
  • Implementation and installation of hardware and software
  • Application software training
  • Systems problem analysis
  • All aspects of training for all client personnel
  • Continued support of all systems
  • Ways to improve productivity through the use of information technology

Data Processing Services

  • Sophisticated in-house data processing services
  • Analysis of your management information needs
  • Assistance in evaluation and selecting the best system to meet your needs
  • Assistance with installing and implementing your data processing system and training your personnel


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