Trusts and Estates


While everyone will have an estate one day, they are not treated equally and tax implications can vary widely depending on a number of issues such as:

  • Size of the estate

  • Types of assets (cash, securities, land, etc.) in the estate

  • Number and types of beneficiaries

  • Existing wills

  • Past gifts made

Trust and Estate issues, as most tax-related issues, are hardly ever a cut-and-dry situation. When a loved one passes, it can be stressful enough on the family that you should not have to determine the answers to some of these complicated issues yourself.

In addition, there are many planning opportunities available to those with a large estate that wish to pass it on to their loves one, or maybe a charity, at the time of their passing.

MDA Professional Group, P.C., has extensive knowledge in the estate and trust arena, and is available to help you in determining any possible tax-related issues and help bring the estate to a conclusion. We work with attorneys all over the state, and even outside the state, to help achieve the desired results.